I’ll Never Run Out of You

On the late report
They said we’re runnin’ short
Of all our fossil fuel
The controversy is getting great,
We’re long on heat
And short on cool.
Now the market may fall

Word and Music

I don’t know day from night
And I don’t know dark from light
And I believe that life is more
Than just the gift of sight
Rainbows I’ll never see
Don’t mean half as much to...


Verse 1:
Children start with little else
But how to need your love.
They’re the closest thing I know.
To something up above.
Feeling much the same care
For everyone they meet,


Can you build a new world on the ashes of the old
If your heart is full of ashes and slowly growing cold?
Can you make other people want to care
If you’re all burnt out from finding trouble...

Let The Rafters Ring

You got to shout! You got to sing
To make the rafters ring!
You got to ell ev’ryone, ev’rywhere.
You got to shout! You got to sing
To make the rafters ring!
You got to show...

Run and Catch the Wind

Count the drops in a stream,
Run and catch the wind.
Sail to Spain on a dream,
Run and catch the wind.

Kick a stone down the road,
Run and catch the wind.
Find some place to leave your...

Everybody Needs Everybody

We all depend on someone,
Someone else depends on you.
Ev’rybody needs ev’rybody giving.
I need you to need me, you do too.

A mirror needs reflection,
A light needs night to...

A New Dimension

We’re launching into a new dimension, yeah! Yeah!
We’re launching into a new dimension, oh, yeah!
And you can come along if you wanna,
It’s a never been world...

Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Gone For Good

Rocking and rolling was so absurd,
Guitars were so loud the words were never heard.
Oh, sweet melodies are once again the trend.
Let’s not go back to rocking and rolling again.


Heart’s Still Beating

Check the pulse of humanity;
Sometimes makes you despair.
Someone always being hurt somewhere,
And it isn’t fair.
But there are those moments
When we forget who we think we are,
With our...