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Save The Dancer

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Appears on Album: 25th Anniversary Collection 50th Anniversary Album The Show Album (1975-1976)

Writing Credits: Words & Music by: Stephen Cornell, Frank Fields, Paul & Ralph Colwell, Ken Ashby, & Frank Fields

Save The Dancer

The ravages of human history,
The savageness of our sword.
Are as much of our legacy
As the heights we have explored.
It seems our questing for paradise
Is dressed in paradox,
Grown-ups playing with power
Like children playing with blocks

But through the triumph and the tragedy,
Rising like a bird
Is a dancer always dancing,
A dancer always dancing
To a tune we’ve never heard –
Save the dancer.

Lifting us and twirling inside us,
A dream is setting us free,
Through the darkness a dancing image,
The hope of things that could be,
For the lonely and little children,
The angry and the proud,
For the old man whose sight is failing,
The quiet face in the crowd.

Through the triumph and the tragedy … etc.

For the dreamers and the make-believers,
The festive and the sad,
For the mad and the ugly,
The sane and beautiful,
Save the dancer, save the dancer in us all,

Through the darkness, a dancing image,
The hope what could be –
Save the dancer.

Copyright © 1974 by Up with People