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Within Our Reach

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Appears on Album: 50th Anniversary Album The Festival

Writing Credits: Words & Music by: Paul & Ralph Colwell, Cindy Geary, David Mackay, Herb Allen & Bill Welsh

Within Our Reach

Remember when we were very small
Everybody seemed so tall
Everything was just there beyond our reach.
Maybe it’s just like humankind
Always reaching for the sky.
Always hoping to touch the dream of peace.

Now we’ve gained some wisdom from the past
Grown up through so much sorrow.
The prize that seems to elude our grasp
Can still be ours tomorrow.

And all our children can see the day
When battlefields are fields of play
And it lies yes it lies within our reach.

And for all of those who’ve had to wait
Empty hand and empty plate
How much longer can history repeat?

The road ahead is ours to choose
For giving or for taking
And the ones who follow will win or lose
In the future we are making.

And all our children … etc.

Can’t let this moment slip away
Let the children see that day
What has defied us for so long
Lies deep in each of us
Now it’s just yes it’s just within our reach.

Copyright © 1995 by Up with People