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Moon Rider

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Appears on Album: 25th Anniversary Collection 50th Anniversary Album People Are The Energy Push On Through

Writing Credits: Words by: Paul & Ralph Colwell Music by: Paul & Ralph Colwell & Herb Allen

Writer’s Notes: Based on the recollections of astronaut Eugene Cernan, Commander of Apollo XVII

Moon Rider

The painter tries to paint it the poet tries to say it
The philosopher tries to convey the meaning to your mind.
But here I am – a quarter million miles away
One human being – one human seeing it for the first time.

I can see the white of snow-capped mountains
The blues and turquoise of the oceans blend.
Australia and Asia coming round the corner
And I can’t tell where one country starts and the other one ends.

The sun is setting on the Pacific
They’re just getting up in Rome.
I don’t see the lights of my city
All I can see is home.

I saw the world without any borders
Without any fighting without any fear
So Captain give the order
We’re going to cross the next frontier.

I know this view won’t last forever
Soon I’ll be back to reality.
But isn’t it the way we perceive things
That makes them what they will be?

I see the world without any borders … etc.

Copyright © 1977 by Up with People