With Everything Changing

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Appears on Album 25th Anniversary Collection, 50th Anniversary Album, Let All The People In
Writing Credits Words & Music by: Paul Colwell, Bill Cates
Writer’s Notes

Produced by: Hank Cicalo, Paul Colwell

There stood an old man,
Tears filling his eyes.
They were tearing the courthouse down
And he was saying good-bye.

With ev’rything changing,
Does anything stay the same —
A hope you can cling to,
Someone who needs you,
A love that can lead you everyday?

There goes a young man,
He’s walking alone,
No place to look back to,
He’s gotta go on.


For ev’ry ending is just a beginning you know,
And good-bye is just hello, don’t you know.

Go, talk to the old man,
Help him understand.
Walk by the young man’s side,
And lend him a hand.


Copyright © 1970 by Up with People

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