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One 2 One

Appears on Album: Roads The Journey World Tour 2008-2009

Writing Credits: Words and Music by Cy Frost and Doug Olsen

Writer’s Notes: Copyright © 1993 FTO Songs, used by permission

One 2 One

A man walks up to another man who is lying in the street
And he says Let me help you, brother, let me help you to your feet
And then he reaches out to lift him and the other wonders why
Why did you stop? I stopped because, friend, it begins with you and I

One 2 one, we change the world by giving to another
A helping hand along the way
A simple act of love is what changes are made of
So, one 2 one we change the world

And what about a woman who is looking for a way
To find the hope she needs to help her make it thru another day
And there is no one there to reach out, no one there to get her thru
So who will help this woman find it, If not me, then who?


One 2 one, by one on one, something anyone can do
Everyone can touch someone

How do we heal a world that turns in darkness and pain
How does one person not believe her efforts are in vain
How do we solve all of our problems that grow larger every day
It’s in each and every person, and I know we’ll find a way


Love each other, one 2 one

Copyright © 1993 by Up with People