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Footsteps of a Girl

Appears on Album: Keep Hope Alive (Studio Recordings from Live On Tour) The Journey

Writing Credits: Words & Music by: Amanda Cygnaeus

Writer’s Notes: Produced by: Rod Wilson; Vocal Arrangement: Rod Wilson Recorded at Maximum Entertainment Group, Orlando FL Inspired by Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl who won the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize.

Footsteps of a Girl

We sit here quietly and watch
In our comfortable chairs.
Will enough ever be enough,
Are we getting anywhere?
When girls can’t walk outside the door
Without being scarred for life.
It’s a world we’ve never known before,
It’s a world where books keep you alive.

Maybe we should follow
The footsteps of a girl.
The woman of tomorrow,
Let’s fight for a better world.

Let the strength, and power and courage run through us all,
Let it tear down every brick of every wall.
We don’t fear, we don’t fear a scar.
Let the voice of women be heard through us all,
Let it tear down every brick of every wall.

How could we let it get this way,
How could we close our eyes?
I couldn’t bear to sit and wait
When we still have the time.

Maybe we should follow … etc.

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