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Arm Yourself

Appears on Album: A Song For The World World Tour 2008-2009

Writing Credits: Written and Produced exclusively for Up with People by Rod Wilson (BMI) for 62 Music Group. Additional Production and Lyrics by Angel Cortes (ASCAP) for 62 Music Group.

Arm Yourself

Ain’t tryin’ to preach it to ya, just need some time to show ya
Everything you want go get it, everything
Aint nothin’ wrong with knowin’, knowin’ is the key to growin’
You’ll never get far without it, just wait and see
What is your dream, do you know that
What you learn can make it all so real
Check it and see, if you learn then you will succeed (stay in school)

Don’t ever lose your focus, stand up make them take notice
Step up your knowledge game too (get your head right)
Don’t late those haters stop you from getting’ yours you gotta
Arm yourself with knowledge and you’ll (get your head right)
Get it right…

So don’t be checkin’ for the small minded ones, oh no
Their thoughts are poison and they’re keepin’ you down
Your mind can take ya, so let it take ya, anywhere you wanna be
U.W.P, set the standard, of how learning can do you right
Strengthen your mind, you got time
If ya wanna change the world, it begins in the mind


Give chase to the end of the race,
Every step keep da pace and never lose face,
When the darkness falls, ya feet make haste,
Never stop to recall this is not a debate,
Breath in, don’t stop, steady exhale,
Never let all the negative thoughts prevail,
If you fall, then you stand up taller the next time,
You crawl for a minute, but it’s all in your head,

Time to, get wit it, arm yourself, brush ya shoulders off,
Leave the past, just move in the moment,
All, calls are left for your voicemail,
Never let your haters get close, sail over the heads,
Tell the tale of, a fighter who’ll never give in,
Push thru wit a body, move crews to the side,
Spectators’ll always dictate, so never lose faith,
Keep ya head in the sky,

Don’t fall behind, life is movin’, at the speed of sound, it’s so easy to fall down
Don’t blink, ’cause might miss somethin’, opportunity or somethin’
Don’t let one moment pass you by


Copyright © 2008 by Up with People