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Home Foundation

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Appears on Album: 50th Anniversary Album World in Motion

Writing Credits: Words & Music by: Pat Murphy, John Kagaruki, Paul Carman, Peter King

Home Foundation

When we think of what it is that makes us who we are today,
We must stop and tell the story of the family.
Whether it was good or bad, maybe happy, maybe sad,
We are made of what we had in the family.
It’s the fundamental education that we all receive,
And the better we can make it, the better life can be.

So we must never give up on our home foundation.
Whatever it is, don’t stop givin’ it dedication.

There’s a young man on the corner, makin’ deals.
His fam’ly are five other guys who vandalize and steal.
They just don’t see any other way to go,
No father figure to explain there is another road.

And the young girl who’s run away and walks the streets alone,
Never felt the love of fam’ly since the day that she was born.

No, we must never give up … etc.

Oh, the little ones, bearing witness to ev’rything they see,
Imitate in detail what they will grow up to be.
We can teach them to love,
We can teach them to hate,
We can break the chain of madness someday.

Oh, you might be a single parent, you might be a teenage mom,
You might live in suburbia, or maybe you don’t have a job.
But the backbone of the future is in the fam’ly log.
If there is no hope in family, then there is no hope at all.

Never give up … etc.

Copyright © 1993 by Up with People