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Festa Humana

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Appears on Album: The Festival

Writing Credits: Words & Music by: Pat Murphy, Paul Colwell, Herbert Allen, Ralph Colwell

Festa Humana

There’s a celebration they call Festa Humana,
And they’re comin’ to town, one and all, Festa Humana.
Wearin’ kimonos and serapes, Festa Humana,
On foot, in buses and jalopies, Festa Humana.

Where all the old stories and centuries converge,
Today and tomorrow where hopes will emerge,
It’s in the music and words, Festa Humana.

Pierogis and pizza and bread, Festa Humana,
Everyone’s going to be fed, Festa Humana.
Voices of children at play, Festa Humana,
Piñatas and papier-mâché, Festa Humana.

We celebrate our independence today
From racism and all the stupidité,
Uhuru! Vive la Liberté! Festa Humana.

We’ll be jammin’
We’ll be jammin’
We’ll be jammin’ right into the night.
We’ll be dancin’
We’ll be dancin’
It’s such a wonderful sight!

Everyone’s going to be there, Festa Humana,
Music is filling the air, Festa Humana.

Ya ya ya ya…
Ya ya ya ya…
Festa, Viva! Humana, Viva!
Festa, Viva! Humana, Festa Humana! Viva!

Copyright © 1995 by Up with People