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Keep Hope Alive

Appears on Album: Keep Hope Alive (Studio Recordings from Live On Tour)

Writing Credits: Words & Music by: Eric Lentz, Michael Bowerman, Paul Colwell

Keep Hope Alive

A world away, in a war zone, in a field full of stone
In a town caught in the middle, a little girl plays all alone

Above the ruins she is swinging, flying high in the air
She is seeing new horizons, hope’s alive there

Like the children we all were once, unafraid and filled with light
Always reaching, always soaring, though the world may be filled with fright
If they can learn to see beyond this, can we make this simple promise?

We will not be divided
We will rise above fear
We will stand up, united
We will move on from here.

We will trust in each other
When it’s all on the line
We will rise up, together,
We will keep hope alive
Keep it alive…

I refuse to give in to despair, I will not let hate decide
Who I am, and who I will be, hope could heal our great divide

I will be the change I wanna see, shout ‘love’ for all to hear
Yeah, I will open doors, shatter ceilings, tear down walls of fear
With the dream of a world beyond this, we will make this simple promise


We all have burdens in our lives
But we can all help shoulder somebody’s load
When truth unites what hate divides
We can journey on from fear to hope…
…is alive on a playground

Hope is alive… hope is alive… hope is alive… in tomorrow
We will not be divided
We will stand up, united
We will keep hope alive

When we trust in each other
When we rise above fear
And we sing our songs of peace for all to hear
Then hope is alive

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