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Room For Everyone

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Appears on Album: 25th Anniversary Collection 50th Anniversary Album Beat Of The Future Roads

Writing Credits: Words & Music by: Herb Allen, Ken Ashby, Paul & Ralph Colwell, Pat Murphy & Tom Sullivan

Room For Everyone

We live close together in worlds apart
And need plenty of room inside our hearts.
We share the sky we share the sun.
Can’t we share the world with ev’ryone?

Sometime soon the time must come
When there’ll be room for ev’ryone
A place to walk and a place to run.
Got to be room for ev’ryone.

We’ve got diff’rent dreams with diff’rent names
But it seems our hearts still beat the same.
It’ll take some love it’ll take some trust
To make some room for all of us.

Sometime soon the time must come … etc.

Copyright © 1985 by Up with People