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Walk On Through

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Appears on Album: 25th Anniversary Collection 50th Anniversary Album Up With People III Up With People!

Writing Credits: Words & Music by: Glenn Close, Ane Christensen, Ken Ashby, & Dick Smith

Walk On Through

As I open the door the morning light shines brightly,
The sun slowly melts the sparkling dew.
Takin’ the best of the days gone by,
Me, I won’t look back but walk on through.
No, I won’t look back until I’m through.

I’ll talk to people I’ve never known before
We’ll travel countryside on distant shore
Plantin’ a spirit that you can’t ignore
I’ll give all I have and more

As I travel this road I know it won’t be easy
The way may be long and wearisome
But I’ll work dawn til dusk, give my days completely
And never turn back until I’m done
No, I won’t turn back until I’m done

I’ll talk to people … etc.

I see people like me who are movin’ mountains
And doin’ things they thought they coudn’t do
Simply because they just keep on rollin’
And never give up until they’re through
No, I’ll never give up until I’m through.

I’ll talk to people … etc.

As I open the door… etc.

Copyright © 1968 by Up with People