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Appears on Album: Roads

Writing Credits: Words & Music by: T. Hamill, D. Parsons, L. King

Writer’s Notes: Copyright Flame Music/PRS, used by permission


Wake up every morning
Find it hard to get out of bed
Feeling kind of crazy
Can’t remember what I said last night, no no
I don’t know which way to go
But I cool it down don’t let it show

You gotta do it with confidence
You gotta go for it in style
You gotta do it with confidence
If you really want to do do do do it right

Don’t imagine maybe
Everybody’s doing just fine
Some of us are lying
Most of us are killing time
When your world starts spinning
Don’t let the devil get you down

If you gonna do it wanna do it with confidence

If you can’t remember
How to say what’s on your mind
Find a way to show it
Way before you run out of time
Don’t forget to make a stand
Before this groove gets really out of hand… yeah


Copyright © 1993 by Up with People