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Step Into The World

Writing Credits: Music by Mario Romero Words by Mario Romero, Pierre McNair, and Pat Murphy

Step Into The World

Can you get into another language, can you handle that right now?

Fly with me around the world
From the moms and the pops to the boys and girls
For those that wanna rock let me see your hands
From London to Rome, Germany to France
Togo and Sweden they like it too
We got China and India doin’ the do
In Mexico, they like it hot
So we keep on goin’ cuz we just can’t stop

This beat is so infectious
So long as you’re connected
We gonna make your neck bend
We wanna see you step in (x3)

Konnichiwa, hej hej, jambo, hola, ni hao
Guten Tag, salut, namaste, zdravstvui, ciao

Right now we’re gonna rock your appetite
For knowledge on the cultural
We’re gonna walk you thru a word or two
That you can use around the world
The rhythm, the groove, the sound, the music
Make you wanna nod your head
The horns, the snares, the bass we use it
Make the people say “oh yeah”
Hit ‘em with the flow make you lose control
If you feelin’ this, then you ready to go
Let me take you to a place you never been before
Give you little somethin’ that you need to know



Copyright © 2007 by Up with People