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Time Machine

Writing Credits: Words & Music by: Eric Lentz, Michael Bowerman, Sean Ornelas

Writer’s Notes: Produced by: Mario Romero & Charles Henry; Vocal Arrangement: Michael Bowerman Recorded at Side 3 Studios, Denver CO

Time Machine

Let’s look back to a scene
Streets full of people, followin’ a dream.
Rosa, Ghandi, and King, fightin’ for change in the world to be seen.
We come far but we’re not done.
Years later the dream’s still chased, from
Disco days to the y2k’s
Got a lot more changes to come. C’mon

Yesterday was once tomorrow
Right now happens in-between
Get on board this time machine

Round and round, we keep turnin’
Upside down, ‘stead of takin’
One step forward then two steps back
With what we know can we change the track

Time moves nonstop.
Every day, a new change in our thoughts.
The clock ticks if we like it or not
So while we’re here, why not give it all that we got?
This is our chance, this our time, this is our moment in history.
Let the past teach us a lesson: it’s
Time we step in the right direction.

Yesterday was once tomorrow… etc.

Copyright © 2015 by Up with People