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Beat Of The Future

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Appears on Album: 25th Anniversary Collection 50th Anniversary Album Beat Of The Future

Writing Credits: Words by: Ken Ashby, Paul & Ralph Colwell, & Pat Murphy Music by: Herb Allen, Ken Ashby, & Pat Murphy

Beat Of The Future

Hey, somebody turn it up, turn it up,
Somethin’ in the sound is changin’.
Hey, somebody tune it in, tune it in,
We’re pickin’ up a brand new station.
Bustin’ through the time zone,
Shiftin’ through the gears,
The sound of tomorrow’s ringin’ in our ears.

It’s the beat, it’s the beat, it’s the beat,
The beat of the future,
Poundin’ like a heartbeat,
The beat of the future,
Rollin’ like a rhythm, ringin’ like a rhyme,
Rippin’ along at the speed of time,
Rockin’ me down to my feet,
The beat of the future.

Everybody pick it up, pick it up,
You can feel it movin’ through you,
And I tell you if you listen now, listen now,
You’ll hear it talkin’ to you.
You can read it in the faces,
The writing’s on the wall.
The heart of tomorrow’s beatin’ in us all!

It’s the beat … etc.

Out in the country, down in the street,
Everybody’s in the band.
You can hear it happen, like thunder clappin’.
The beat is in our hands.

Beat, beat, beat, beat of the future.
Beat, beat, beat of the future.

It’s the beat … etc.

Copyright © 1985 by Up with People