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Stronger Together

Appears on Album: Keep Hope Alive (Studio Recordings from Live On Tour)

Writing Credits: Words & Music by: Mario Romero, Pierre McNair, Jen Moody Romero

Stronger Together

Yeah…get up
Hold up, let the music hold you
Get up, let the rhythm flow through
Your life matters, realize thats the whole truth
Come together now, let the world know its you
We all getting a little stronger now,
Let your voice be heard, they won’t drown us out
Speaking life now, to all the nations
We are one, we are strong and we have lost all patience.

No more hate no more violence
We have strength together
And we won’t be silent
We are one love, together we’re strong
We are one love, together we are strong.

Stand tall, together we can overcome fear
We won’t fall, together we can make a difference
We are, we are, we are, we are
We are, we are, we are, stronger together
Put your hands up, cuz it feels right

Ready…hands on the wheel, tap your neighbor tell em how you feel
Let em know we gonna be alright
Been a little bit rocky we still in flight
Don’t worry, no time to fear, just a little more push
We switching gears
Everybody in the building put your hands up
Ya feeling this music you should stand up



I know you came to see a show, (a) we here just to let you know
It might sound a lil different you can take a picture
ahh man then done switched they flow
are y’all ready ok here we go now we keep it moving can’t stop don’t know how from the bottom to the top if you pay attention you will see we got it on lock kick the door down.



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