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What I’m Feeling Now

Appears on Album: Keep Hope Alive (Studio Recordings from Live On Tour)

Writing Credits: Words & Music by: Eric Lentz, Michael Bowerman

What I’m Feeling Now

Saw my sister last night
Shouting out about the world and what she’s feeling:
Helpless, a little uptight
Mixed up, wants to do what’s right and what she’s feeling
Sometimes she’s happy, sometimes she’s proud
She feels lucky to be here
Sometimes she’s angry, sometimes she’s down
And all I wanna do is tell her:

What I’m feeling now,
I could do something
Really listen,
Open up my heart

All I have to give
I can bring hope and live for others
I’m not afraid to start
I can do something, right now
With what I’m feeling now

We have choices to make
Every day another chance to make a difference
Give somebody a break
Every crowded street has people guardin’ feelin’s

So many angry, too many down
A message that I wanna give ‘em

With heart and mind we just might find
A common beat, a common tune
For uncommon times

The rhythms of life,
Rhythms that change with every scene
The up and the down
And the balance in between


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