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Till Everyone Is Home

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Appears on Album: People Are The Energy

Writing Credits: Words by Paul & Ralph Colwell; Music by: Paul & Ralph Colwell, Herbert Allen and Ken Ashby

Till Everyone Is Home

The beauty of life shines around you
Like the sun breaking through the storm that has been,
But sometimes you can’t see the rainbow
If you feel like a stranger on the outside looking in.

Till everyone is home, till everyone is home,
Till the last soul is fed
And there’s a roof above his head,
As long as there’s someone
Left out in the cold,
As long as there’s someone
Without a place to call his own,
How can there be peace,
How can we be free to lay down the load?
Yeah, we’re still on the road
Till everyone, till everyone is home.

I can see some flowers in the window
Of a tiny one-room shack crowded on a hill.
Nothing can hold down the power
Of the hope that keeps on growing
And you know it always will,


Copyright © 1979 by Up with People