Appears on Album 50th Anniversary Album, Voices
Writing Credits Words & Music by: Eric Lentz, Paul Colwell, Pat Murphy, Angel Cortes, Rod Wilson, Michael Bowerman

Restless hearts beat like thunder
echoing from the square
A fire burns just like the passion
in those gathered therePeople waving banners
chanting as cameras roll
carrying the torch of justice for one and all
Oh — they carry the torch for one and for all

Here we are
And now the story’s changing
Can we hear
Beyond the words they are saying
Maybe when all sides
Can rise above the noises
We’ll listen to the voices
Of the world

Hear the voice of my dad
The job that he worked has gone dry
A world away,
There’s a mother too worn out to cry
And all the young
Raised in the cradle of war
It’s the only life they’ve ever known
Somehow there’s got to be more
Voices that say, someday, gotta be something more


Sometimes we only hear what we want to
Find comfort with voices we know
But it takes all the others to make harmony
And find a song of peace


Copyright © 2012 by Up with People

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