Freedom Isn’t Free

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Appears on Album Frontiers Of Tomorrow, Up With People In Hollywood, Up With People!
Writing Credits Words by Paul Colwell Music by Paul and Ralph Colwell

Freedom isn’t free! Freedom isn’t free!
You’ve got to pay a price,
You’ve got to sacrifice
For your liberty.

Freedom is a word often heard today,
But if you want to keep it there’s a price to pay.
Each generation’s got to win it anew,
‘Cause it’s not something handed down to you.

Freedom isn’t free! … etc.

There was a gen’ral by the name of George,
With a small band of men at Valley Forge,
Left the comfort of home for the snow and ice,
They won independence ’cause they paid the price.

Freedom isn’t free! … etc.

For some people freedom is a waving flag,
To do your own thing is another man’s bag,
But for ev’ry man freedom’s the eternal quest.
You’re free to give humanity your very best.

Freedom isn’t free! … etc.

Copyright © 1965 by Up with People

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