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Unfinished World

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Appears on Album: 25th Anniversary Collection 50th Anniversary Album Time for the Music

Writing Credits: Words by: Paul Colwell & Pat Murphy Music by: Herb Allen & Pat Murphy

Unfinished World

When I think of all we’ve got
All the beauty that surrounds us
Like the magic of a sunset
And the children playing around us
What lovely lovely lovely place to be.
But like the day turns into night
There’s the other side of sunrise
Where people live in cardboard houses
And you can’t help but realize
There’s still so much to do
So far to go.

It’s an unfinished world
And it’s still in the making.
It’ll take all we can give
‘cause together we all live
In an unfinished world.

I just can’t see why there can’t be
More heart to heart between the nations.
Oh but we might get closer and closer
With every generation
Take it just a little further
You and me.

It’s an unfinished world … etc.

The book’s still being written
It’s happening all the time.
Everybody’s got a chapter
Everybody writes a line.
Well we’ve got unfinished business
An unfinished symphony.
Some people got the words
Some got the melody.Sha-la-la … etc.

Unfinished symphony –
(unfinished symphony)
Take it just a little further.
(everybody in the world is needed)
Unfinished symphony –
(got so much so much to do)
Take it just a little further
(let’s take it further me and you.)
It’s an unfinished world … etc.

Copyright © 1987 by Up with People