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Say Hey

Appears on Album: Voices

Writing Credits: Music & Lyrics by: Rod Maurice, Angel Cortes, Rek Dunn

Say Hey

HEY… stop, look around now
Take time realize what its all about
Don’t stress when you see me out,
It’s not complex, say hello and try to work it out
H.E.Y. Say it when you walk by,
Hands up in the sky,
Wave it when you see me ride, bye, bye at the end of the day,
But when the sun comes up,
And you see me raise your hand and say…

HEY… around the world with my people say
HEY… from Belize to Capri say
HEY… shake hands with me, from Nippon to Bhali
When you see me put ‘em up and say
HEY… in the backwoods scream and say
HEY… from the city don’t forget to say
HEY… from the valleys of Cali the shores of Hawaii just say HEY

HEY… Get the word out now
As the world turns, love it down, live it up
Peace signs when I’m chillin’ in Atlanta
Catch a ride down the I-95 to Miami, don’t stop
Till we see the shores of South Beach
Where they bring the noise
From the cities of Greece spread peace,
From the Colliseum of Rome until we get home, say

HEY… Spreading the love with my people say
HEY… from Brazil to Ibiza say
HEY… come dance with me,
From Stockholm to Morocco when you see me say
HEY… Cairo let me hear you say
HEY… From Australia don’t forget to say
HEY… From the Keys and the Caribbean Seas
Come together raise your hands sing it with me say HEY

Travel the world with my people say
nevertheless no stress
cuz it’s never complex
just to hear you say


Break bread with my people no fightin’
Sun shinin’ chillin’ in the islands
when you see me strut down the street
New York, Shanghai, O-Zone
Don’t forget to say


It makes you happy when you’re sad
Even in the hood
it can make you feel good so
around the world
raise the level of connection
network to the height of perfection

I let you roll with me
if you only relinquish control just be
it’s not hard all over the earth
it’s the first word
everyone should learn from birth



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