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Where The Roads Come Together

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Appears on Album: 25th Anniversary Collection 50th Anniversary Album Roads The Further We Reach Out The Journey The Show Album (1975-1976) The Up With People Show

Writing Credits: Words by: Paul Colwell Music by: Paul Colwell & Herb Allen

Where The Roads Come Together

None of us is born the same
We don’t know why; it’s the way we came.
Every heart beats a little differently
Each soul is free to find its way
Like a river that winds its way to the sea.

For life is a journey
And there are many roads beneath the sky
And there are many good people
Who don’t see eye to eye

Not every man can sing your tune;
From where he stands there’s another view
With every turn we’re learnin’ more
And perhaps we’ll find
That the walls we build are only in the mind.

There are many roads to go
And they go by many names.
They don’t all go the same way
But they get there all the same
And I have a feelin’ that we’ll meet some day
Where the roads come together up the way.

Copyright © 1971 by Up with People