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Appears on Album: The Journey

Writing Credits: Words & Music by: Eric Lentz, Michael Bowerman, Paul Colwell, Mario Romero, Adrian Quintana Produced by: Mario Romero; Vocal Arrangement: Rod Wilson Recorded at Maximum Entertainment Group, Orlando FL and Side 3 Studios, Denver, CO

Writer’s Notes: Inspired by the proverb: every journey starts with a single step; about moving forward through adversity: ‘It’s where you’re goin’ and where you been, cuz the beginnings never end, another road, another chance to move ahead’

A Single Step

Mama said early on:
Sometimes you lose the race,
You just gotta move on.
Keep pace, the road is long.
So wear your bravest face,
Find out where you belong.
This is your road, this is your day.
This is your time: where you’re goin’s never too far away.

A thousand miles, somebody said,
Start when we take a single step.
A thousand reasons to begin,
To move ahead.It’s where you’re goin’ and where you been
Cuz the beginnings never end.
Another road, another chance
To move ahead… take a step.
Oh… a single step

We don’t know what lies beyond,
But everyday we get up,
We just gotta move on.
Different paths, different starts
Come together in
The common beat of our hearts.
This is our road, this is our day.
This is our time: where we’re goin’s never too far away


A step toward justice, a step for the Earth,
A step for people in a world of hurt.
A step from fear, a step toward trust,
A step toward reason – no more them and us.


Copyright © 2015 by Up with People