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You’re My Son

Appears on Album: 50th Anniversary Album The Journey Voices

Writing Credits: Words & Music by: Michael Bowerman, Eric Lentz, Brett McGuire

Writer’s Notes: Produced by: Michael Bowerman and Scott Neubert Recorded at Smash Studios, Nashville TN & Side 3 Studios, Denver CO

You’re My Son

It wasn’t that long ago
A little boy who knew he’d done wrong
sat on his bed, lowered head, afraid he’d let people down
felt ashamed as his dad reached out and turned him around
and said “why are you sad? Don’t you know:”

You’re my son
And my life is blessed because of you
You’re all that a father could hope for
One day you’re gonna see
You have no greater fan than me
And I wanted you to know how I feel
‘cause I couldn’t be prouder to say: “You’re my son”

The years fly by
The boy’s strugglin’ through school, and he knows exactly why
but he won’t quit – he’ll push through it
doesn’t want to let people down
feels ashamed – till dad reaches out, turns him around
and says “why are you sad? Don’t you know:”


The doctor said there’s not much time
I went in, took my father’s hand and looked him in the eye
He whispered “please don’t be sad”
I said: “I love you Dad”
He smiled at me, and went home… and I said:

I’m your son
And my life’s been blessed because of you
You are everything to this boy who loves you so
And every day I’ll try to be
All the man you were for me
And I’ve got to let you know how I feel
‘cause forever I’m proud to say, I’m your son

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