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Appears on Album: Time for the Music

Writing Credits: Words by Paul Colwell, Pat Murphy, David Mackay Music by Pat Murphy


We’ve got the sunrise,
We’ve got the moonlight,
We’ve got tomorrow
And it can be all right.

Here beneath the sun
We share a place called home,
And whatever comes
We are sisters and brothers,
Gotta count on one another.

We’ve got the sunrise… etc.

From the frozen lands
To the desert sands,
Someone needs a hand
And it’s one of the family,
Just like you and me.

We’ve got the sunrise… etc.

No matter how far we are apart,
We are much the same at heart,
And here together.

We’ve got the sunrise… etc.

We’ve got tomorrow,
We’ve got the moonlight,
It can be all right.
We’ve got the sunrise.
All right!

Copyright © 1987 by Up with People