Power With

Appears on Album 50th Anniversary Album, A Song For The World, World Tour 2008-2009
Writing Credits Words & Music by: Mario Romero Pierre McNair Ken Ashby & Eric Lentz

Power with a sister a brother
is stronger than power over each other (2X)

If you feel lonely and confused
There is a place where you can go to.
Reach deep within yourself and let the power show through

There’s a much easier road
that leads to a brighter tomorrow
Let your power take control


We all need a little respect
not too much to ask not much to expect.
Nobody needs rejection a mask for protection.

Deep down we all want to know:
is there someone to turn to to show to ask a question
in good time there’s a chance we will find
We’re growin’ stronger and we’re getting’ closer


Power can you feel it growing? It comes from knowing:
Power if we work with each other not against each other
You’re my sister my brother.


Copyright © 2008 by Up with People

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