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Unspoken Words

Appears on Album: 50th Anniversary Album A Common Beat

Writing Credits: Words & Music by: Ken Ashby & K Arnold

Unspoken Words

Somebody nods another bows
And then a hand is shaking a hand.
With little gestures and quiet moves
We try to understand.Bizu bizu face to face
There’s a story in ev’ry look.
Goodbye hello or an embrace
The face reads like a book.

Just hold on I’ll stand beside you.
I’ll help you carry the load.
When you feel sad look for the sunshine
This life’s a winding road.Words are not the only language
To feel what your eyes have heard.
The voice of your heart is speaking
With unspoken words.

Namaste salam
peaceful wishes without a sound.
Un abrazo or in a smile
Deeper meaning is found

Words are not the only language … etc.

Copyright © 1999 by Up with People