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  • Part 1: What Is Cultural Awareness?

    Guest Post by Ellen Enebo, Curriculum Manager of Up with People In Up with People, we develop our cultural awareness through conscious actions and recognition of how our culture influences our perceptions of the world. This includes not just observing

  • Meet the Cast Monday: Yassine from Bermuda and Morocco

    Yassine is 17-years-old and is a first semester traveler in the Up with People gap year program from Bermuda. Yassine shared about his experience coming from a small island, to traveling the world for the very first time. What are

  • Best Southern Comfort Foods from Louisiana

    Who doesn’t love Southern comfort food? It’s comforting for the body, and amazing for the soul. Travelers in Up with People have been in Lafayette, Louisiana this week and will be in Ruston and Shreveport for the next two weeks.

  • Meet the Cast Monday: Quinn from Bermuda

    This week, we would love to introduce you to Quinn, a second semester traveler and study abroad student in Up with People from Bermuda. Why did she decide to return for a second semester? See what her experience has been

The Up with People show is an energetic, international, youthful reminder that what unites us is stronger than what divides us. Prepare yourself for an inspirational evening with 100 young cast members from around the world.