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  • Meet the Cast Monday: Aiyonna from Colorado

    On this week’s Meet the Cast Monday, meet Aiyonna from Colorado! At 19-years-old and fresh out of high school, Aiyonna is excited to travel the world and start her journey of self discovery. Interests and Passions: Painting, drawing, sculpting, and

  • Why Volunteering Makes You Happy According to Science

    It’s no secret that being around other people is more fun than being alone. Social relationships are described as one of the greatest single causes of a person’s overall state of happiness. Thanks to research done by the University of

  • Meet the Cast Monday: Macy, Up with People Gap Year Student

    Up with People gap year students travel anywhere from 6 months to 1 year as they visit different countries around the world volunteering and performing in local communities spreading a message of hope. For this week’s Meet the Cast Monday,

  • Part 2: Raising Cultural Awareness Through Study Abroad

    Guest Post by Theresa MacNeil, Assistant Professor at Florida Southern College & Study Abroad Professor for Up with People When students look for an opportunity to explore the world, many seek out study abroad opportunities for a semester or even

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