• Unique Easter Celebrations in Mexico

    As the cast of Up with People continues their tour throughout Mexico, a special holiday that holds great significance to the Mexican culture is happening at the same time. Easter in Mexico is an extremely important holiday where most people will get an entire week

  • Meet the Cast Monday: Michael from Colorado

    This Week, Meet Up with People Cast Member, Michael from Colorado, USA! As Michael continues his semester traveling in Up with People, he shares his story with us on what he hopes to gain from the program. Michael H. from the United States, 1st Semester

  • Earth Day 2019: Join the World’s Largest Environmental Movement

    How Can You Participate in Earth Day? Do you love the world we live in? So do we! Join us in participating in Earth Day 2019. This year’s theme is ‘Protect Our Species’ where the goal is to educate the world on how human activity

  • Seven Benefits From Volunteering Abroad

    It’s hard to imagine a world outside of your backyard until you start to travel. Traveling in general can be an entirely new experience that allows you to learn a lot about yourself with great opportunity for personal growth. Volunteering abroad takes traveling to a

The Up with People show is an energetic, international, youthful reminder that what unites us is stronger than what divides us. Prepare yourself for an inspirational evening with 100 young cast members from around the world.