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Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Gone For Good

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Appears on Album: People Are The Energy

Writing Credits: Words by: Ken Ashby and Bob Huff; Music by: Ken Ashby, Bob Huff and Herbert Allen

Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Gone For Good

Rocking and rolling was so absurd,
Guitars were so loud the words were never heard.
Oh, sweet melodies are once again the trend.
Let’s not go back to rocking and rolling again.

Good-bye Charles Berry, and all your kind,
You nearly drove us out of our mind.
No more bands disturbing the whole neighborhood,
Rocking and rolling is gone, yes it’s gone,
Rocking and rolling’s gone for good, it’s gone for good.

Rock ‘n’ roll is gone for good.
Didn’t last, we knew it never would.
Good-bye, good-bye rock ‘n’ roll.

Never had a melodic ring,
Half the singers couldn’t sing,
Three chords got awf’lly old,
Can’t see how that stuff sold.


So grab a guitar and start your gyrations,
Become an overnight sensation.
Now I know why this passing fad
Made all your moms and dads so mad.


No more rocking and rolling,
Rock ‘n’ roll, rock ‘n’ roll,
Rock ‘n’ rolling is gone for good.

Copyright © 1978 by Up with People