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Writing Credits: Words and Music by Frank Fields and Donald Teeters


Verse 1:
Children start with little else
But how to need your love.
They’re the closest thing I know.
To something up above.
Feeling much the same care
For everyone they meet,
Aren’t they really better off
With knowledge incomplete?

The children laugh when the sun comes up
In the morning,
Love livin’ every day.
They cannot hide what they need or what they’re feelin’
What is we were all that way?

Verse 2:
Lessons in the things of man
We teach them in our style.
For as yet, they haven’t learned
To do much else but smile
And if we were born again
To imitate their way
Everyone would feel the joy
Of children every day.


Verse 3:
Children we can be again
Even as we grow
If we care enough to learn
The things that children know
Thankful we will surely be
For every rising sun,
If we don’t forget to learn
To be forever young.