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We’ve Got The Power

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Appears on Album: World in Motion

Writing Credits: Words & Music by Paul & Ralph Colwell, Pat Murphy, Herb Allen, and David Mackay

We’ve Got The Power

Everybody knows what’s happening to the forests
Everybody knows about the rain
Everybody’s joining in the chorus
But we’re not all singing the same refrain
No one’s got all the answers,
No one’s got all the truth
It lies in ancient wisdom
And in the eyes of youth
We tamed every wilderness,
Crossed the lunar sands,
Conquered one another
Now we must understand:

We’ve got the power, we’ve got the power
In every heart, in every land
We’ve got the power, we’ve got the power,
We hold tomorrow in our hands

Somewhere they’re cutting wood to cook their supper
They don’t have much but they’ve got the right to live
Somewhere else they’re rushing down the freeway,
And somewhere something’s got to give

It can bring us all together,
It can tear us all apart
Now the wind is changing,
We can make another start

We’ve seen too much devastation,
Too many people hurt
We must make peace with one another,
Make peace with the earth


I’ve got the power
You’ve got the power
We hold tomorrow in our hands

Copyright © 1993 by Up with People