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I Will

Appears on Album: The Journey

Writing Credits: Words & Music by: Eric Lentz, Michael Bowerman, Rod Wilson, Avery Leonard

Writer’s Notes: Producer: Rod Wilson; Vocal Arrangement: Rod Wilson Recorded at Maximum Entertainment Group, Orlando, FL A commitment song, dedicated to the power of the individual, and the belief that we can make a difference.

I Will

When things began, just you and me
I believe we just shook hands.
No cause for animosity,
No walls between our lands.
Then somewhere along we learned to attack.

Learned to hit, learned to yell.
Learned to take, learned to kill.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just go back
To what our hearts were made for?
Seems the makings of peace would be
Easier than making war.
‘stead of what we’re against can’t we stand for what we’re for?

Learn to give, learn to build.
Learn to live, and say ‘I will’

I will show love, I will
I will share hope, I will
I will believe we will… We will

I’m not ashamed to sing of peace & love,
Not afraid to say ‘I care’.
One thing I’m guilty of:
Believing that hope is more than air.
I can feel it in you… in me… it’s everywhere…


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