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Really Me

Appears on Album: Keep Hope Alive (Studio Recordings from Live On Tour)

Writing Credits: Words & Music by Michael Bowerman and Eric Lentz

Really Me

I can’t go on,
That the person that you think you know, is really me

Lost and alone,
The dark felt unending

So I hid my heart away
Couldn’t find the words to say
That were honest, with myself, and the ones i loved, but

Love, I was confused and made you wait
I should have listened to my heart,
I shouldn’t need to validate
Who I love, now I’ve finally been set free
Cause the person here in front of you,
He’s finally, really, me

I’m short of breath, (I am here for you)
could it be my turn?
All I’ve ever wanted is the same chance as everyone else
To be loved, and love in return
I finally found the strength to be
Someone who found his truth, and thru these tears, I finally see:  (I’ll wipe your tears away)
Someone who can finally love himself
This, this is really me

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