A World Celebration

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Writing Credits Words and Music by Pat Murphy, Paul Colwell, Herb Allen, Ralph Colwell Additional words by Eric Lentz
Writer’s Notes

Produced for the Pasadena Tournament of Roses
Performed at the 2008 Tournament of Roses Rose Parade Opening Celebration

Pack your suitcase, come on climb aboard, your ride’s at the station
Up with People has your ticket for A World Celebration
Sharing our cultures and traditions, welcoming all nations
Jump in! The key’s in the ignition, A World Celebration

Where all the old stories and centuries converge
Today and tomorrow where hope will emerge
It’s in the music and words, A World Celebration

Voices of children at play, A World Celebration
Piñatas and paper maché, A World Celebration
From Europe, South Africa and Mexico
New Zealand and Asia we’ll bring it all home
Anyplace you want to go, A World Celebration

We’ll be jamming, we’ll be jamming,
we’ll be jamming right into the night
We’ll be laughing, we’ll be dancing,
it’s such a wonderful sight

Everyone’s going to be there, A World Celebration
Music is filling the air, A World Celebration

Copyright © 2007 by Up with People

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