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A World Celebration

Writing Credits: Words and Music by Pat Murphy, Paul Colwell, Herb Allen, Ralph Colwell Additional words by Eric Lentz

Writer’s Notes: Produced for the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Performed at the 2008 Tournament of Roses Rose Parade Opening Celebration

A World Celebration

Pack your suitcase, come on climb aboard, your ride’s at the station
Up with People has your ticket for A World Celebration
Sharing our cultures and traditions, welcoming all nations
Jump in! The key’s in the ignition, A World Celebration

Where all the old stories and centuries converge
Today and tomorrow where hope will emerge
It’s in the music and words, A World Celebration

Voices of children at play, A World Celebration
Piñatas and paper maché, A World Celebration
From Europe, South Africa and Mexico
New Zealand and Asia we’ll bring it all home
Anyplace you want to go, A World Celebration

We’ll be jamming, we’ll be jamming,
we’ll be jamming right into the night
We’ll be laughing, we’ll be dancing,
it’s such a wonderful sight

Everyone’s going to be there, A World Celebration
Music is filling the air, A World Celebration

Copyright © 2007 by Up with People