Rippin’ Along

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Appears on Album 25th Anniversary Collection, 50th Anniversary Album, Livin' On, The Show Album (1975-1976)
Writing Credits Words & Music by: Ken Ashby & Frank Fields

Got started in grammar school,
Saw Chuck Berry and I thought he was cool,
Right then it was plain to see
I was destined for the boogie.Rippin’ along with the music on,
You and me and the boogie, can’t go wrong.
Rippin’ along, rippin’ along with the boogie.On a bridge sat a salty dog,
And up come a sassy little groundhog,
Said the hog to the salty dog
There’s a dance down by the log, let’s boogie.

Rippin’ along … etc.

If it feels good, well, it’s rock-‘n-roll
And if it moves you it’s soul.
Where the two do meet,
You can’t control your feet with a boogie…

At the drive-in on a Saturday night
One sip and mm I thought I was tight.
Best girl right by my side,
I’m gonna take her for a Sunday drive and we’ll boogie.

Rippin’ along … etc.

Copyright © 1974 by Up with People

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