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Keepin’ In Touch

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Appears on Album: Beat Of The Future

Writing Credits: Words and Music by: Ken Ashby and Tim Renwick

Keepin’ In Touch

I dialed your number, I heard your sweet voice,
You were sayin’ you weren’t at home.
While you were talkin’, I started thinkin’:
Should I wait or hang up the phone?

Automation’s reachin’ ev’ry phase
Of our relation in the micro age.
We’re getting’ caught up in the techno rush;
Somehow we gotta keep the personal touch.

Keepin’ in touch
Get my message, give me a call.
Keepin’ in touch,
Wanna see you, wanna hear it all.
Keepin’ in touch,
The most important thing that I gotta do
Is keep in touch with you.

We telemarket, we teleconf’rence,
You get it all when you got a video.
A friendly user of a home computer
Still needs a friend, ev’rybody knows.

This automation isn’t just a craze,
It’s part of livin’ in the micro age.
There’s a chance that we can gain so much,
Usin’ the tech without losin’ touch.


Copyright © 1985 by Up with People