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It Begins With Us

Appears on Album: Keep Hope Alive (Studio Recordings from Live On Tour)

Writing Credits: Words and Music by Eric Lentz and Michael Bowerman

It Begins With Us

It begins with us (x 3)

Here and now, and so it begins.
Curtain’s up, lights are down; we invite you in
To the story we all play a part in, time and again:
Here and now, our history begins…

Here and now, we are drawing a line:
No more violence, no more hate, no compromise:
We are not playing games with more innocent lives.
Turn hope to action: it’s time

It begins with us, will you stand with us?
The moment is here and now
It begins with us, it won’t end with us!
The moment is moving on

Here and now, it’s our time to rise:
We’re taking back tomorrow, we’re turning off the lies
No more battlefield hallways, change starts in small ways.
Turn hope into action… Turn thoughts into action… Turn truth into action this time!

It begins with us…

If we wanna be the change, gotta do more than just say it.
Believe why we stand is how every revolution began:
With a spark of truth, and the power of youth
Every movement started with somebody saying “take a stand!”

It begins with us…

When truth becomes our common ground we won’t give up, we’ll never back down!
Stand up together!
We’re stronger together! The moment is here and now
We are stronger together! The moment is moving on
Here and now, it begins with us!

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