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Word and Music

Writing Credits: Words and Music by Tom Sullivan

Word and Music

I don’t know day from night
And I don’t know dark from light
And I believe that life is more
Than just the gift of sight
Rainbows I’ll never see
Don’t mean half as much to me
The colors found within the soul
Have rainbows that can be

All the colors of the heart
Are more than you can see
You’ve got to look beyond
To find what’s you and me
All the colors of the heart
They have a special light
Look inside,
Find the colors of the heart

I know I really see
The ‘you’ you’d like to be
The special one that hides behind
The one that others see
So let’s put the masks aside
Some feelings we tried to hide
And understand the colors of
The heart can’t be denied


Copyright © 1989 by Up with People