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Keep The Beat

Appears on Album: 50th Anniversary Album A Common Beat World Tour 2008-2009

Writing Credits: Words and music by Pat Murphy and Ken Ashby

Keep The Beat

There’s a rhythm that is you, and a rhythm that is me
A progression and a tune, all connected to a beat
An orchestra that grows, everywhere the people go
Gotta keep the music going, ’til the rhythm’s overflowin’ 

There was a time when the rhythm in the world
Was a simple little beat that people would keep together
Just a simple beat, just a simple beat
Now everybody’s from a different culture
Living in a thousand corners of the world
Different corners of the world it’s time to get together now

It’s up to you and me, let’s keep the beat together
It works so naturally to keep the beat together, together

There are many ways to rock it, when the melody is strong
Gotta keep it in the pocket it’s the power of the song
Gotta let your rhythm move you it’s what makes you who you are
If some rhythm’s unfamiliar, trust the beat that’s in your heart

There was a time when the people of the world
were closer to the beat they’d keep together to survive
they kept the beat together
now everybody’s got a different rhythm
So we gotta give ‘em room to wear their,
Gotta give ‘em room to wear their rhythmic pride


Keep the beat, let’s keep the beat, keep the beat, gotta keep the beat

Instrumental Break


Copyright © 1999 by Up with People