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We Are Many, We Are One

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Appears on Album: 25th Anniversary Collection 50th Anniversary Album People Are The Energy

Writing Credits: Words by: Paul & Ralph Colwell Music by: Paul & Ralph Colwell, Herb Allen & Doug Holzwarth

We Are Many, We Are One

We live on the Amazon, live on the Nile,
The Baltic shore and Pacific isle,
We built the Parthenon and Chinese Wall,
Seen armies conquer and empires fall.

We fought for our dignity, fought for our place,
There’s a different story in every face.
The book isn’t finished, it’s only begun,
And it’s starting to dawn like the morning sun.

We are many, we are one,
Brothers and sisters wherever you’re from.
We all dance to a different drum.
We are many, but we are one.

We talk of the children, we talk of the rain,
Of wages and prices, and who won the game.
We’re rushing together like never before.
We were worlds apart, now were living next door.

We are many, we are one … etc.

Someday, somewhere, we’ll discover
That we’ll have to take care of each other.

We are many, we are one … etc.

Copyright © 1979 by Up with People