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Meet the Cast Monday: Juliette from Belgium

Meet Juliette, a Traveling Cast
Member from Belgium in Up with People!

Juliette from Belgium is a cast member in Up with People
Juliette from Belgium, a 2nd Semester Cast Member in Up with People

What were you doing before coming to Up with People?

“I had just graduated college this past June as an elementary school teacher. I studied in Belgium for four years and joined Up with People in July 2018. Up with People gives a lot of opportunities to discover new things. While I was traveling in my first semester, it felt like I was keeping my head above water trying to absorb all of the experiences. It was super exciting, but overwhelming too. I feel like coming back for another semester has allowed me to experience a lot more since I am a little more familiar with how everything works. It makes it a little easier to take things in. I think having a general idea of what Up with People was before joining also helps, and makes it interesting to see what it was like being outside of my cast. It’s cool seeing how the program works and how people develop within the group.”

What have you learned from your experience so far?

“I think I’ve learned many things. Something that stands out to me is how the success of the group is more important than your own personal success. If someone is better than you at something it doesn’t mean that you’re not good enough. It just means that someone else is better at it for that moment and you’ll use your strengths somewhere else. That’s how the whole group will benefit and succeed. By traveling and experiencing different families, I’ve learned a lot of what I want in life. I’ve been given a lot of different perspectives and I feel like I’ve developed more critical abilities because of the amount of people, different places and cultures I’ve had the chance of experiencing.”

Juliette plays with a bunny rabbit volunteering abroad in Up with People
Juliette from Belgium, a 2nd Semester Cast Member in Up with People

With all the things you have learned, what will you change in your country once you go back home?

“As a teacher and having the understanding of the curriculum and working with students in different schools through workshops, I think I’ve realized how having an education is more of a privilege. There are more problems behind literacy that I never really thought about previously. It’ll be great to work with kids, considering they are the future, and being able to create a deeper understanding within the community of global citizenship. I’m looking forward to using the power I have to work with kids and informing them more about what’s happening in the world around them.”

What was your main objective when you came to Up with People? Has that changed?

“Before coming to Up with People, my main objective was to figure out what I wanted to do before starting my career. I wanted to be able to take time to reflect more into myself before committing to something that could take years of my life. I knew I wanted to travel, help people and work with music because that’s so important to me. Hearing about Up with People was a great combination of the three. After completing my first semester, I wanted to come back and form more connections and have more interactions with the people around me. Whether that’s bonding with my cast mates, or the people I meet within the community, it’s something that’s undoubtedly valuable and I will use for the rest of my life. I also have gained a lot of stamina. I am someone who needs to sleep a lot and after living in such a fast paced environment, I’ve been able to push myself above and beyond my own limits. Even on the days where it feels like there’s nothing more to give, I know I can still give more and that’s something I will continue to practice in my life.”

“Reach out, and take my hand
Together, we’ll take a stand
So many people fall every day
Don’t you think it time we try
to help them find their way.”

Make A Change © Up with People

Meet the Cast Monday: Michael from Colorado

This Week, Meet Up with People Cast Member,

Michael from Colorado, USA!

As Michael continues his semester traveling in Up with People,

he shares his story with us on what he hopes to gain from the program.

Gap year student takes semester off to travel
Michael H. from the United States, 1st Semester Cast Member in Up with People
In what ways have you seen yourself grow while being in Up with People?

“I believe I’ve grown very much so far. It’s hard to explain how much exactly, but I’ve noticed I’ve become much more open and consider myself more of an outgoing person since joining the program. Being here has reignited my desire to travel and see other cultures so closely instead of just traveling. Now, I want to learn more about the places I’m traveling to, instead of just going through the experience.”

Have you enjoyed Mexico so far?

“Very much! It’s been insane. The country itself is not much like how the media tends to portray it at all. It’s a lot more positive and the people here have been ridiculously nice. I think it’s been really cool.”

What are some differences that you’ve seen between your country and this one?

“I’d say Mexico is more family oriented than the United States. I think in my country, we often bring more people into our circles instead of using our family as our main circle. I personally believe Mexico is a little more open and warm in comparison to the business feel we have in the States. As for architecture, I’ve seen that there’s a lot more emphasis in monuments in terms of the history here than some other things in the States. From experience, I haven’t seen a lot of people be as passionate or mindful of monuments in my country as I’ve seen people here. They explain the history behind some historic landmarks and monuments more so than people from back home. The other day, David from Mexico was talking about one of the streets in Mexico City. He was listing all of these other landmarks and castles that we had the chance of passing. You could see he wanted others to see his passion about the subject.”

Up with People Cast Member Takes a Year Off to Travel
Michael H. from the United States, 1st Semester Cast Member in Up with People
What are you passionate about?

“I’m very passionate about helping people and music. I think those two coincide very well. I personally believe everyone can have a certain genre of music that they connect with that can help them when they’re feeling down.”

What do you want to take away from the program once it’s over?

“I’m hoping to take away a more positive sense of myself. I consider myself an optimist, but tend to be a little more critical towards myself. I definitely want to continue the openness I’ve experienced in Up with People. I also want to be able to be more personal with people instead of slipping back to the tendencies of closing myself off like I once did.” 

What is a positive thing about your generation?

“I believe a good portion of my generation has a go-getter mindset. We see issues and we strive to improve whatever situation it may be. I think there are a few people who vocalize that it’s pointless to do that, but I believe the people I know see that there needs to be some change and strive to do that. For example, any student who has helped start or participated in a movement has shown that people can stand behind them to show how passionate and determined we are to help make the world be a better place.”

I will show love, I will
I will share hope, I will
I will believe we will… We will

I Will © Up with People

Meet the Cast Monday: Sophi from Mexico

This Week on Meet the Cast Monday, Get to Know Sophi!

She is a second semester Up with People cast member with a passion for her home country, Mexico!

What excites you about being back in your country?

I think traveling in my home country with the cast of Up with People is an incredible opportunity because I get to see it through a new set of eyes. When I’m outside of Mexico, I get to share the positive things about my country with everyone I meet. Now that I’m here, I have the opportunity to take all of the positive things that I say and turn them into action to really make a positive impact in my home.

The idea of seeing my cast mates in Mexico excites me because I can see how much they enjoy being here. They’re able to understand the challenges that Mexico faces and at the same time, they are able to see how it is a beautiful country filled with warm people and stories to share.

How have you seen yourself grow over your year of traveling so far?

“I joined Up with People because I wanted to help others understand the world through different perspectives. I have also learned that in order to help others, I have to understand myself first. Up with People has been a great place to start discovering my own ideas and perspectives on life in different situations around the world.

Being a part of the program has helped to understand that people are just people. Sometimes we are scared of reaching out to “people in charge” because we think they aren’t approachable. In Up with People, you understand that no matter what the title of the person is, they are just like you.”

What is something you’re looking forward to in the rest of the tour?

“I want to finish the project that I started when I came to Up with People called A Blink of Life. It’s my blog that I use to share perspectives other people have about Mexico. The main objective is to get rid of stereotypes by sharing other people​’s stories and experiences from the culture. I want to represent my country in a positive way and share with my host families and cast mates about how the little things in life are what matter most.

I am grateful to be a part of this organization and I look forward to sharing the positive message that we have in our show and impact communities the same way the show impacted me when I was a little kid. I want to share the hope that I was able to see. The Up with People show changed my life and I want others to have the same feeling when they come and see us.”

What is an issue that you feel

“An issue I’m passionate about is education. I believe that education is the key to opening many doors in life. Not only education in schools, but also education in society. I love to share stories with people I meet because I believe that inspiring others to act is the best way to make a difference in the world. We live in a world where values are changing and material things are becoming more important than who people really are. I want to educate others in my surroundings about what I’m passionate about in order to take action and be able to make a positive impact.”

How do you want to utilize your experience from Up with People after you leave the program?

“I see Up with People as a step towards beginning my own journey. I am having this amazing opportunity to open my eyes to the world. I want to take everything that I have learned from the program and bring it back to Mexico. I have always believed that knowledge is nothing if you don’t share it with others. After Up with People, I want to go on to university and use the tools that I have learned so far and continue to share them with people around me.”

“Veo un día un día de armonía
que viene entre la gente
y grandes y pequeños
con todos sus sueños
atravesando un puente.

El Puente © Up with People

Meet the Cast Monday: Brody from Texas

Meet Brody, A First Semester Cast Member in Up with People from Texas!

Get to know Brody during his time on the road in the cast of Up with People with an
exclusive interview in this week’s Meet the Cast Monday!

Are there experiences in Up with People that have specifically impacted you?

For me, having the opportunity to go out into communities and see the change I’m making is what makes it all worth the while for me.

What’s your favorite song to perform?

My favorite song to perform in the show is ‘Home’ because my majors are biology and environmental science. As a little kid, I always loved going outside and into the world. I loved being a little outdoorsman. Seeing how much the wildlife is dying out now because of my actions and those around me is something I’m passionate about.

What would you like to do after Up with People?

I would like to go back to Kansas Wesleyan and finish my degree. After graduating and before entering the real world, I would like to come back to Up with People as either a Promotion Representative or as Vocal Instructor.

What is the most positive element about your generation?

I think this generation does a great job at speaking out on things that we find important in the world. I believe we have the power to act upon what others won’t, simply because they’re afraid to, or didn’t think their opinion mattered.

What is an issue that you feel very strongly about?

Other than the environment, it would be the immigration policies in America. I feel like we need to be making it easier for people who want to have a better life.

What would be a passion you want to follow or a dream of yours that you want to accomplish in life?

My dream would be to be as good and as much of a father towards my kids as my father was to me. I want to give them a world to look forward to as far as the environment goes.

Home no matter who you are no matter where you’re from
We gotta understand that it’s the only one we got it’s
Home no matter where you are no matter where you go
Everything you see everywhere you look around you you are home.

Home © Up with People

Culture Shock – Tips for First Time Travelers to Mexico

For many Up with People cast members, joining our international tour is their very first time traveling outside of their home country. This means experiencing cultural shock is an inevitable part of their journey. While it may sound like a lot to handle, culture shock is actually an incredible experience someone can have throughout their international travels.

Culture shock is defined as “the feeling of disorientation experienced by someone who is suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes.” So how can something that sounds so daunting be so good for you? We’ll give you a first hand example from our cast on the road.

Up with People on tour is getting ready to enter a new country — Mexico! Throughout the tour, cast members stay with host families which allows each person to truly immerse themselves in the culture of the city or country they are visiting. For many, it is their very first time entering Mexico which means a new language, new food and a new way of life.

Photo Courtesy of Bonnie Photo:

“I’m excited to be immersed in the rich culture and history of Mexico,” said Mitch, a cast member in Up with People from Australia. “To experience the people, architecture and food will be very surreal for me. I am very glad to have given this unique and special opportunity through the Up with People program.”

Benefits of Experiencing Culture Shock

  • Personal Growth: The ability to step outside of your comfort zone will push you to become more adaptable to different situations, become a well rounded global citizen, and feel more accomplished by achieving goals that may have previously seemed impossible while escalating your confidence.
  • Learn New Languages: By immersing yourself in a new culture where your native language is not the primary language of the country you are touring, you’ll challenge yourself to engage your brain into learning something new and make yourself more diverse as an individual.
  • Expand Your Network: One of the best parts about traveling and turning culture shock into a positive experience is the ability to make new friends from all over the world, which can create some of the strongest bonds you’ll have in your life.
  • Learn Valuable Lessons: One of the most important lessons that culture shock can teach you is that our world is a small place and despite our differences, we are all interconnected and rely on one another to create a more compassionate and unified world.

So, what can you or the cast expect when they arrive in Mexico for the first time? Here are some helpful tips for your next trip down south.

Tips for First Time Travelers to Mexico

  1. Pesos are the official currency of the country. While in many tourist places you can pay in U.S. dollars, it’s important to have pesos on you at all times as some local vendors or means of transportation only accept pesos.
  2. There is food everywhere. Food is available on every corner, but also be wary. Your stomach may not have adapted to the water the food is  cooked in, or the types of food that is available.
  3. Try to drink bottled water. Just like food, your body may not be used to the water that is provided in Mexico and many places do not provide filters.
  4. Beware of the spice! If you are into spicy foods, this is place for you. Make sure to also be aware that your definition of spicy is certainly not the same as theirs. Está muy picante!
  5. They take their breakfast seriously. No joke, breakfast is always an elaborate part of their day and they may offer you meals like enchiladas to kick off your Tuesday morning.
  6. Try to speak the language. Learning a new language is always about engaging with the people around you. And don’t worry, people in Mexico are warm and welcoming. They will be happy that you want to try and learn their language!
  7. Get your haggle on. There are certain places within Mexico that have fixed prices, however in smaller mercados, bargaining is an acceptable part of the shopping process. It can also be really fun!
  8. Speaking of mercados… Visit the local markets instead of always eating out at restaurants in the big cities. You’ll find locals selling traditional food, souvenirs and more at a much lower cost. Plus, it’s all a part of the experience.
  9. Tipping exists in Mexico. While some countries include the tip within their meal or don’t customarily accept tips, it is common in Mexico to provide a 10%-15% tip for meals, drivers, and tour operators.
  10. Know your transportation options ahead of time. Depending on what region of the country you are in, you may have to rely heavily on different types of transportation that you may not be used to. TripSavy offers a list of different transportation options available in Mexico.

Getting excited for your next trip to Mexico? Being prepared ahead of time from your arrival will help ease you into the initial culture shock you may experience. Do your best to remove the fear, and enjoy the experience of what it is like to immerse yourself into another culture and learn as much about a different way of living than your own. We all live in a bubble, but it’s time we step outside and see the world in the many beautiful shades of colors that it is.


Veo un día un día de armonía
que viene entre la gente
y grandes y pequeños
con todos sus sueños
atravesando un puente.

El Puente © Up with People

Meet the Cast Monday: Julia from Arizona

Meet Julia from Arizona in the United States!

Julia Performs the Role of ‘Hope’ in the Up with People Live on Tour Show!


Why did you join Up with People?

“Up with People was introduced to me when they came to my choir in school. Originally it was pitched to me as a choir and performing arts tour, and that intrigued me. Then I was told it also included community service as well as traveling with people who I would probably get very close with. All of it sounded perfect, a mix of things that are wonderful. I was immediately turned on, and that is when I decided to do it. The program was an opportunity to take a break from what I had been doing; high school and a lot of work. Also, an opportunity to grow, actually doing something important with my life, rather than checking off things from my to do list. I would then be able to ask myself what I have actually accomplished today.”

What were you doing before Up with People?

“I was working in order to graduate earlier from high school. I was in a situation where I was moving, and in order to do four years of high school instead of five years, I had to graduate. However, I decided to do three instead. So, in my last year of high school, I took nine classes and that is basically all I did. I didn’t sleep, and I was constantly working, which wasn’t mentally healthy. I went from an environment where I was never thinking about myself, being a machine, accepting the fact that I was depressed, and not doing anything about it, to now, only focusing on myself. Not just myself, but how I present myself to the world.”

What do you hope to gain from this experience?

“I hope to gain a more assured sense of myself and learn how to decide on my own course. I think this can bring me happiness where I can pursue the things that are important to me and that make me happy. These are now things that I can work hard on because I actually want to, not just because I’m a hard worker.”

As the character of ‘Hope’ in the show, how do you think this role has affected you?

“Right before the first performance, Camryn from the staff came up to me at dinner and asked me; “Who are you?” I answered with hesitation saying “Julia”. She said, “You are Julia. You are Hope. You are synonymous.” That really hit me. When we were reflecting today, we had to choose a word representing this semester and I chose metamorphosis. That is what I want. I want the hope to go from a hungry, scared caterpillar to a confident butterfly that can fly to wherever she wants because she has wings. For that kind of hope, for that kind of growth and the freedom to be. In all senses of the word, just be.”

What do you consider is your role or responsibility having the character of ‘Hope?’

“I want to show people that no matter how dark it gets there is always some little sliver, some little flicker of hope. If it comes to the point where you feel like there is no way out, that is the moment where someone is going to hold the door. You will have finally reached your breaking point, and that’s the most beautiful part of it because that is what you grow from. I hope to teach that this can happen at any time, and that it will eventually be okay which is what I love.”

Are there experiences in Up with People that have specifically impacted you?

“There have been a couple. For example, during one of the school performances, there was a little girl, sitting in the front row. When I came out for one for the ‘hope’ moments, she got really excited, gasping “That’s Hope!” That is one of those moments where I tell myself, this means something to her, this is important, and I get to be that person for her. It is so surreal. There are also moments where I just connect with somebody, and even though I have never had any interaction with that person previously, suddenly we are having this moment together. I was talking about school shootings to someone I had never approached before, and we had a connection. It was a moment where I understood that this person was hurting, and I held their hand because that’s what they needed.”

What are some of your dreams?

“I want to be in a position where I can help and inspire as many people as possible, in as many ways as possible. When it comes to a career, instead of not knowing what I want to do, I know that I want to do six different things; being a nutritionist, personal trainer, writer, music teacher and I want to open my own business where it combines nutrition, personal training and therapy. All of them connect to teaching or just inspiring people, so I hope that I can learn enough to start doing that. I think those three things aren’t combined enough, but it is essential, it is part of your health.”


We will trust in each other
When it’s all on the line
We will rise up, together,
We will keep hope alive
Keep it alive…

Keep Hope Alive © Up with People


Meet the Cast Monday: Aaron from Colorado, USA

Meet Aaron, A Colorado Native and 1st Semester Traveler in Up with People!

Fun Fact: Aaron Plays Drums in Up with People & Is a Recent High School Grad


How long have you been playing the drums?

“I’ve been playing the drums on and off for the past four years. I used to play guitar for the band at church and we had a drummer who stopped attending, so there was just a drum set laying around. I started messing around on them. Then one day the music leader said, “Hey! Play drums this service.” Luckily, all the songs were fairly easy, but I mostly learned just by playing with people.”

What is it like being in the band for Up with People?

“It’s been awesome. It has been so nice having a group of people to go to. I personally feel like it’d be harder for me to be in the larger group without the band as my base. Something I really appreciate is being able to play with people who are closer in age, since I’ve previously played with people where there was a bigger age gap. Playing with people in general is great, but being able to play with people who you connect with and can joke around with has been really fun.”

Has your Up with People experience been what you expected?

“It’s pretty similar to what I expected along with a handful of different experiences I didn’t anticipate. I’ve needed a lot more energy and more time being “on.” It’s a lot more present then I normally am back home. Since I’m from Colorado, it’s kind of like I haven’t left entirely, but it’s cool experiencing the places I haven’t been to. It was my first time ever going to Greeley. I always thought of it being a small town like Winter Park area where I live, but it felt more like a bigger city. It was a nice college town.”

What’s your favorite song in the show?

“I’d say my favorite song to play would be “Fingertip”, which is a Korean pop song in the international medley. I think my favorite song in the show would be “Crossroads” because it hits home for me. I love the line, “We should be opening doors instead.” The crowd always gives so much energy and you can feel it immediately.” 

Why should people travel in Up with People?

“It gives you so many more learning opportunities that you can’t get anywhere else. There’s a bit of routine, but even in that, there’s so much new coming in and constant change that you don’t get stuck in cycles. I’ve loved meeting all the different cast members, staying in host families, and just building all these different connections. Going to the elementary schools is great too because I get to see how small things can be so impactful to the kids there regarding things I normally don’t think about.” 

What would you like to do after Up with People?

“I’m not entirely sure if I want to study in college yet, but I’m interested in psychology, physics, and recording arts. I might even become a monk. I appreciate the idea of simplifying life. I think it’s important. Although my plan for a long time has been recording arts, I’d also say a big “out there” dream of mine would be able to connect psychology and physics, mapping out the different mental states and making it more of a tangible thing than just abstract concept.”

“At this crossroads in time
There’s talk of building walls again
Could we be opening doors instead?
Hearts have locks to be unfastened
Compassion is the key
To realize we are on the same journey.

Crossroads © Up with People

A Week in the Life of Up with People: YouTube & IGTV Exclusive

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to tour in Up with People? You asked, and we’ve delivered!

We’re excited to announce our new YouTube & IGTV series, A Week In the Life of Up with People!

Throughout the tour, we’ll be featuring cast members, study abroad students, and members of our cast staff so you can get an inside view of life on the road. We’re stripping it down to just one person and their smartphone as they film themselves throughout the week in different parts of the world.

You’ll follow students throughout their community action projects, show days on tour, leadership workshops, host family days, and travel stories during their international gap year experience.

This series will exclusively be on the Up with People YouTube channel so make sure to subscribe to get your weekly updates!

To kick start our series, we asked Leo, a second semester cast member from France, to film herself during her time in Greeley, Colorado in the United States.

Sit back, relax, and hit play to watch Leo’s fun filled, jam packed week of travel, service, and performance in Up with People Live on Tour.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow us on Instagram so you never miss out on the latest from Up with People on the road!



6 Best Places to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Europe

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people around the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17 through different festivals and community activities in their home countries. No matter where you go, there are different traditions that follow suit. Originally, St. Patrick’s Day was created by the Roman Catholic Church to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland, even though he originally was from Britain.

Are you planning to visit Europe during the St. Patrick’s Day festivities? See where the best places are throughout Europe to dance, sing, laugh, and party in green!

Dublin, Ireland

The list would not be complete without a visit to Dublin, Ireland. The Emerald Isle literally turns into streets of green (and of course, Guiness). Live music resonates throughout the day and into the night. What better way to participate in this fun and eventful day than in the heart of the holiday? This year, the city is expected to bring in over 500,000 locals and travellers so make sure to book your accommodations ahead of time!

Photo Courtesy of

Glasgow, Scotland

Second on the list is definitely Scotland. Every city center throughout the country fills with comedy events, street parties, and people dressed from head to toe in green. Glasgow is known as the second home for the Irish, so this day holds a special place in their hearts as they celebrate the friendship between the two countries.

Copenhagen, Denmark

You’re right. There isn’t much relevance between Denmark and Ireland, or really any history of ties between the two. However, that doesn’t stop the people of Copenhagen from celebrating in their own way. The most unique  and popular tradition on St. Patrick’s Day consists of a three-legged race that goes throughout the city’s Irish pubs. The best part? It all goes to charity! Another reason why gap year participants in Up with People On Tour love to travel to Denmark.

Photo Courtesy of

Munich, Germany

A three day weekend is held throughout Munich to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day. The city wide event began in 1996 with a parade followed by an open festival throughout the city center. Expect traditional Irish music, dance, and beers throughout the town of Munich. Even though they aren’t Irish, they sure love anything that holds tradition!

London, England

While it isn’t acknowledged as a public holiday, London knows how to get down with the St. Paddy’s celebration every year. A three day party begins with a parade in Central London and continues throughout some of London’s most famous landmarks like comedy shows in Trafalgar Square or live music all the way down Whitehall. Every year has been an elaborate party in London and you can absolutely expect the same this year!

Photo Courtesy of

Padua, Italy

As we said before, St. Patrick’s Day was originally a celebration of the patron saint himself. 85% of the Italian population practices Roman Catholicism which means this day is incredibly important to their religion and culture. The Italian-Irish festival is one of the largest celebrations in Europe attracting over 25,000 people each year. The best part is that the ‘Festa Irlandese’ is completely free! Enjoy a pint and pasta as you stroll throughout the historic city for a St. Patrick’s Day festivity you’ll never forget.


Give the children back their childhood

Let the children run and play.

Don’t make them fight your battles

They’re the ones who always seem to pay.”

Give The Children Back Their Childhood © Up with People

Meet the Cast Monday: Jackie from Switzerland

Meet Jackie, a 1st Semester Cast member of Up with People from Switzerland!

“Live your life because it is great, you can accomplish a lot!”

Why did you decide to join Up With People?

Two years ago, Up With People came to my hometown in Bulah, Switzerland. My mom told me about a show that was happening in town and asked me if I wanted to come. I have always enjoyed watching shows, so I said “Why not!” After seeing the representation of so many cultures, I thought the show was awesome, and I told myself that I wanted to do that too. So, I applied, had an interview, and got accepted.

What is something you are passionate about?

I’m passionate about music, I just love it. My whole life is filled with music. A day without music; I don’t think that ever existed for me. I like to sing by myself, not in front of people, but I also enjoy playing the guitar. I’m also passionate about friendships and relationships. I think that is what makes people human and makes your life better. If you are always alone, you don’t know what to do. If you at least have someone you can talk to, there is a purpose in your life, you can spend time with this person.

What Is the most positive element about our generation?

We follow our dreams. Our generation is good at coming up with ideas to create new things. I think our generation is good at following what we think is right or what we are passionate about. We have dreams that we actually follow, because we believe that we can make something out of them. Our generation, and even our own parents, ell us to follow those dreams because they want us to do something for the world. That’s what we try to do. Personally, I’m not a big activist, but I try to smile at people and make their day better. It’s the little things in the day that I try to do, being happy and positive. I believe that just by doing positive things, instead of being negative all the time, makes for a better world. W have a lot of negativity in our society and in the news. I am trying to be positive, and get people to be a little more positive along with me.

What makes you unique?

“Every person is unique in his or her own way. However, what makes me unique, I would probably say is that I am always trying to be happy. Even though a lot of people in our cast are constantly trying to do that too, I think it’s what makes me unique because I’ll go to people and hug them all the time. Whether they need a hug or just look like they need a hug, I’m just a hugger! Maybe that’s unique! 


“You gotta do it with confidence
You gotta go for it in style
You gotta do it with confidence
If you really want to do do do do it right.

Confidence © Up with People