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15 Apr, 2019   |   

Meet the Cast Monday: Michael from Colorado

This Week, Meet Up with People Cast Member,

Michael from Colorado, USA!

As Michael continues his semester traveling in Up with People,

he shares his story with us on what he hopes to gain from the program.

Gap year student takes semester off to travel
Michael H. from the United States, 1st Semester Cast Member in Up with People
In what ways have you seen yourself grow while being in Up with People?

“I believe I’ve grown very much so far. It’s hard to explain how much exactly, but I’ve noticed I’ve become much more open and consider myself more of an outgoing person since joining the program. Being here has reignited my desire to travel and see other cultures so closely instead of just traveling. Now, I want to learn more about the places I’m traveling to, instead of just going through the experience.”

Have you enjoyed Mexico so far?

“Very much! It’s been insane. The country itself is not much like how the media tends to portray it at all. It’s a lot more positive and the people here have been ridiculously nice. I think it’s been really cool.”

What are some differences that you’ve seen between your country and this one?

“I’d say Mexico is more family oriented than the United States. I think in my country, we often bring more people into our circles instead of using our family as our main circle. I personally believe Mexico is a little more open and warm in comparison to the business feel we have in the States. As for architecture, I’ve seen that there’s a lot more emphasis in monuments in terms of the history here than some other things in the States. From experience, I haven’t seen a lot of people be as passionate or mindful of monuments in my country as I’ve seen people here. They explain the history behind some historic landmarks and monuments more so than people from back home. The other day, David from Mexico was talking about one of the streets in Mexico City. He was listing all of these other landmarks and castles that we had the chance of passing. You could see he wanted others to see his passion about the subject.”

Up with People Cast Member Takes a Year Off to Travel
Michael H. from the United States, 1st Semester Cast Member in Up with People
What are you passionate about?

“I’m very passionate about helping people and music. I think those two coincide very well. I personally believe everyone can have a certain genre of music that they connect with that can help them when they’re feeling down.”

What do you want to take away from the program once it’s over?

“I’m hoping to take away a more positive sense of myself. I consider myself an optimist, but tend to be a little more critical towards myself. I definitely want to continue the openness I’ve experienced in Up with People. I also want to be able to be more personal with people instead of slipping back to the tendencies of closing myself off like I once did.” 

What is a positive thing about your generation?

“I believe a good portion of my generation has a go-getter mindset. We see issues and we strive to improve whatever situation it may be. I think there are a few people who vocalize that it’s pointless to do that, but I believe the people I know see that there needs to be some change and strive to do that. For example, any student who has helped start or participated in a movement has shown that people can stand behind them to show how passionate and determined we are to help make the world be a better place.”

I will show love, I will
I will share hope, I will
I will believe we will… We will

I Will © Up with People

6 Replies to “Meet the Cast Monday: Michael from Colorado”

  1. I’m fiercely proud of you Michael for stepping up and taking a risk, for being open to exploring the world in a pro-active way!
    I can verify the changes you described in yourself. I was amazed and delighted how open you had become after that first month of intense training! And now you sing and dance too!!! I cannot wait to see all that you’ll do with your life!
    Love you so much!

  2. Michael, I belong to the same Rotary Club as your grandma Connie. I hope you have a great experience and see lots of new country. Up with People is a great organization and will help you grow in many ways. I love the energy that the crews create.

  3. What a meaningful story you have shared! This is such a great opportunity for you. It is really interesting hearing about what you are learning and experiencing. We wish you all the best in your exciting journey. We are very happy for you and proud of you!

  4. Michael – tom and jan keyton here to say how excellent we see your open-up progress since you have joined UWP!!! It is inspiring to see what they have presented to you and how you have just taken that experience “ripe and whole” to benefit yourself to you and others in different cultures. This is an amazing experience for all of the cast; we wish you luck in all the days ahead in Mexico and abroad. hugs, JAN

  5. Michael, this is Phil Calderbank from Rotary. The deck repair is still looking great!
    I love the way that you describe the ‘real’ Mexico.
    What a wonderful experience and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  6. Michael,
    What an amazing adventure and life experience you so wonderfully expressed. It is always life affirming for others to witness growth. You are a wonderful example of living life to the fullest and coming away with recognition of your gifts and sharing them with others.

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