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Really Me

I can’t go on,
That the person that you think you know, is really me

Lost and alone,
The dark felt unending

So I hid my heart away
Couldn’t find the words to say
That were honest, with myself, and the ones i loved, but

Love, I was confused and made you wait
I should have listened to my heart,
I shouldn’t need to validate
Who I love, now I’ve finally been set free
Cause the person here in front of you,
He’s finally, really, me

I’m short of breath, (I am here for you)
could it be my turn?
All I’ve ever wanted is the same chance as everyone else
To be loved, and love in return
I finally found the strength to be
Someone who found his truth, and thru these tears, I finally see:  (I’ll wipe your tears away)
Someone who can finally love himself
This, this is really me

It Begins With Us

It begins with us (x 3)

Here and now, and so it begins.
Curtain’s up, lights are down; we invite you in
To the story we all play a part in, time and again:
Here and now, our history begins…

Here and now, we are drawing a line:
No more violence, no more hate, no compromise:
We are not playing games with more innocent lives.
Turn hope to action: it’s time

It begins with us, will you stand with us?
The moment is here and now
It begins with us, it won’t end with us!
The moment is moving on

Here and now, it’s our time to rise:
We’re taking back tomorrow, we’re turning off the lies
No more battlefield hallways, change starts in small ways.
Turn hope into action… Turn thoughts into action… Turn truth into action this time!

It begins with us…

If we wanna be the change, gotta do more than just say it.
Believe why we stand is how every revolution began:
With a spark of truth, and the power of youth
Every movement started with somebody saying “take a stand!”

It begins with us…

When truth becomes our common ground we won’t give up, we’ll never back down!
Stand up together!
We’re stronger together! The moment is here and now
We are stronger together! The moment is moving on
Here and now, it begins with us!

What I’m Feeling Now

Saw my sister last night
Shouting out about the world and what she’s feeling:
Helpless, a little uptight
Mixed up, wants to do what’s right and what she’s feeling
Sometimes she’s happy, sometimes she’s proud
She feels lucky to be here
Sometimes she’s angry, sometimes she’s down
And all I wanna do is tell her:

What I’m feeling now,
I could do something
Really listen,
Open up my heart

All I have to give
I can bring hope and live for others
I’m not afraid to start
I can do something, right now
With what I’m feeling now

We have choices to make
Every day another chance to make a difference
Give somebody a break
Every crowded street has people guardin’ feelin’s

So many angry, too many down
A message that I wanna give ‘em

With heart and mind we just might find
A common beat, a common tune
For uncommon times

The rhythms of life,
Rhythms that change with every scene
The up and the down
And the balance in between


Up With People!

It happened just this morning, I was walking down the street,
The milkman and the postman and policeman I did meet.
There in ev’ry window and ev’ry single door,
I recognized people I’d never noticed before.

Up! Up with people!
You meet ‘em wherever you go,
Up! Up with People!
They’re the best kind of folks we know.
If more people were for people,
All people ev’rywhere,
There’d be a lot less people to worry about,
And a lot more people who care.

People from the south-land and people from the north,
Like a mighty army, I saw them coming forth.
‘Twas a great reunion, befitting of a king!
Then I realized people were more important than things.

Up! Up with people!… etc.

Through Your Eyes

From a kid on the corner with nothing to eat,
To a man left with only the shoes on his feet.
A family neglected, left on the street, it’s what I’ve seen.
From my first cup of coffee, the posts that I read,
The everyday people: the news that I see.
It fuels my desire; reach out meet a need, that’s what I see.

It’s a wide open world through another one’s eyes.
It’s the everyday people, the stories that they bring to life.

What would I see if I looked through their eyes?
Would I see tomorrow, a hope for another sunrise?
What would I see in the stories of their lives?
Would I laugh or break down and cry
If I saw through their eyes? What would I see?

The whole world is changing around you and me.
There’s so much to learn, there’s so much left to see.
If we could change faces, trade places, what would I see?
When you see me, I wonder what judgments you make,
From your side of the street how do you see my face?
Am I good, am I bad, could you be who I am? What would you see?

It’s a whole ‘nother world when you see through my eyes.
It’s a brand new beginning, and you bring my story to life.


When different is all we see causes can seem justified.
Everything changes when we see through each other’s eyes.

Shine The Light

I was watchin’ the news today
So many struggle to live
We’re all in this world together
There’s so much I can give

So lets raise up the curtains
And focus the light
On our brothers and sisters
And do what is right

There are people out there who do more than their share
They reach out a hand, lift up their fellow man
Let the world see their fight, they’re turnin’ wrong into right
Lets all take a cue from the unselfish work that they do
And then let’s shine the light
Shine the light (x 2)

There is so much that we can do
Its not as hard as it seems
Find a way to help others live
Help find someone’s dreams

So lets raise up the curtains
Refocus the light
On the whole human family
And do what is right


It’s not impossible
To change this world
Just start with you and me
Every man woman boy and girl


Party ‘Round The World

Come on let’s do it now, we wanna make you smile
Let Up with People bring the party all around the world
Don’t matter that you frown, the walls we bring ‘em down
Hey everybody let’s party all around the world

Man what everybody mad for
Can’t be frown on the dance floor
DJ give ‘em all what they ask for
Ain’t even try to fight relax bro get the hat low
Bad attitude they ain’t got an app for
Let a clap go it ain’t natural
To be in them streets gettin mad dough
Life’s too short move fast though
Live a lot love and laugh more
And as for the rest of us
Let a hard time get the best of us nah
Specially when a good time next to us yeah
Round the world party catch the bus
Man, the world a stage, clap for us
Music is love it’s that for us
So have fun then bring it back for us


Sometimes, get a little down, things ain’t never what it seem
Go ahead, dance, dance till you can’t!
Rise to the top be the cream
Put your hands up, stand up go crazy baby do your thing
It’s your world and it’s mine too
Turn the music up let’s go insane
Everybody move, everybody jump
Out of your seat let the beat bump
Never gonna stop, right to the day
Wait to the night we movin’ on up
Have a good time, life of the show
Party all night we ain’t never gotta go
So I wanna see every body on the floor
On your mark ready get set go!

Feel the beat move your feet
Rhythm strong walls come down
When we sing
You can bet when we start
Crowds come round, keep it loud
Let’s get down


Maybe I

Maybe I didn’t give enough maybe I gave too much
Maybe I didn’t share enough, or shared too much
Maybe I didn’t care enough maybe I care too much
Maybe I just ‘maybe I’d’ enough

If I just make it through I’ll be alright
Each day what I gotta do no puttin’ up a fight
Just givin’ up, givin’ in, no deciding wrong or right
Maybe I’m just sick of all the spite

But if I keep maybein’ I’m sayin’ I just don’t care
The middle of the road will get me nowhere
Time to make a choice, time to raise my voice
The lesser of two evils doesn’t go there

Life is filled with choices, I can change my fate
Stand up against persecution, greed and hate
We lose if we use the excuse ‘it’s just too late’
Givin’ in’s a lesser person’s trait

When I ask myself: what defines this man,
Will I get to tell my story, I know I can
rewrite the narrative, I have a plan:
I choose to win refuse to lose again

But if we keep maybein’ we’re sayin’ we just don’t care
The middle of the road will get us nowhere
Time to make a choice, time to raise our voice
The lesser of two evils doesn’t go there

We are the faces of today
We are the voices of tomorrow
This is our time this is our place
We show the way others may follow

Cannot balance this fine line
My maybe gets hit from both sides
I will move on I will decide
I will unite I won’t divide


They say that home is where the heart is this could be true.
But home’s much more than brick and stone
A number on a street a roof a phone
A home is a place where we belong.
It’s the world around us that connects us
It’s the life we share.
In cities and towns across the globe
what one does touches all like the ripples from the stone.
They only grow and touch the corners of our

Home no matter who you are no matter where you’re from
We gotta understand that it’s the only one we got it’s
Home no matter where you are no matter where you go
Everything you see everywhere you look around you you are home.

The air is hazy from a sky that’s raining brown
No water to drink.
We play the same blame game it’s a shame
That those who live on a dollar a day
Would give it all for what I wash down my sink.

Yet from afar we seem so peaceful
all blues and whites and greens.
Get below the clouds and the canopies
Trees disappear degrees increase
And good or bad the ripples only spread
And reach the corners of our


Home is where the
Heart is home is
Where we share our
Love is home is

No matter where you are no matter where you come from.
We’ve gotta understand that it’s the only one we
No matter where you are no matter where you go to.
It’s everything you see it’s everywhere you look around

Footsteps of a Girl

We sit here quietly and watch
In our comfortable chairs.
Will enough ever be enough,
Are we getting anywhere?
When girls can’t walk outside the door
Without being scarred for life.
It’s a world we’ve never known before,
It’s a world where books keep you alive.

Maybe we should follow
The footsteps of a girl.
The woman of tomorrow,
Let’s fight for a better world.

Let the strength, and power and courage run through us all,
Let it tear down every brick of every wall.
We don’t fear, we don’t fear a scar.
Let the voice of women be heard through us all,
Let it tear down every brick of every wall.

How could we let it get this way,
How could we close our eyes?
I couldn’t bear to sit and wait
When we still have the time.

Maybe we should follow … etc.