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Health and Safety


At Up with People the safety of our participants is our #1 priority.

In our 55 years of running successful programs throughout the world we have developed safety & security guidelines for training, transportation and participant & staff safety. Our travel advisory network involves local, regional, national, and US State Department contacts—each designed to keep our participants and staff safe and secure.

On the road

Our road staff travel with the participants throughout the program. Each staff member has their own area of responsibility including cast operations and management, performing arts, technical support, admissions, and education. All staff work together with our participants to facilitate a safe learning experience.

COVID-19 vaccine requirements

At this time, we require participants to be vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to the program start date to ensure entrance to all countries within the program. Proof of vaccination is required as part of the enrollment process.

Emergency Medical and Dental Insurance

We require all participants to be insured.
The insurance requirements may differ based on the tour/program locations and the participant’s home country. Admissions counselors are able to assist participants in clarifying their specific insurance requirements during the enrollment process.

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