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Our Partners

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Our Partnerships are established on trust, communication, shared values, and mutual respect. Our Partners enable us to:

  • Connect Youth to Youth & Up with People to community and cultures.
  • Network with global experts and access best practices.
  • Secure local resources with community involvement.
  • Allow exchange of ideas, cultures and experiences.
  • Ensure security and deeper understanding by leveraging partners’ community knowledge.
  • Build awareness and reputation for Up with People and our common goals.
  • Establish relationships for ongoing engagement with local communities.
  • Expand the reach of programs.
  • Multiply the impact and success for our desired outcomes.
  • Strengthen our advocacy voice for a better world.
  • Build a collective community towards a shared goal.
  • Promote operational efficiency, cost savings, and more funding for our purpose.

Partner to bring Up with People to your City

  • Bring Up with People to your  country/city/community.
  • Connect UWP to local community based organizations, academic institutions, clubs, NGOs and organizations.
  • Support a Voices tour in your city through

Partner to build a global movement for change.

  • Collaborate on a Voices Tour in a Region of your business operation and see  your investment multiply 400 times through ground level impact on communities.
  • Support Social Action Projects for youth to identify, plan and carry out solutions to problems within their school, community and beyond.
  • Accelerate the personal and professional development for youth from disadvantaged communities to be competent and compassionate leaders. 
  • Empower a youth to travel, experience cultures, live with host families, work in communities, develop leadership skills,  foster cultural diversity to be global citizens.
  • Support a Voices Community festival and musical expression for peace, equity, and dignity.

Why Partner with Us?

  • Collaborate to reach a wider audience and achieve greater impact.
  • Empower youth to become changemakers and leaders in their communities.
  • Support a vision-forward organization with a proven track record of global impact.
  • Join a network of like-minded organizations committed to positive change.
  • Build brand awareness and align with organizations with a strong reputation.
  • Enable UWP to leverage your investment to deliver ground level impact for tangible results to communities throughout the globe

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