Our Music

Throughout history and across the globe, music has been a powerful force in uniting cultures and driving social change. This was especially true in the 1960s when Up with People was formed. For over 50 years, Up with People has uniquely captured the power of music to open the door for dialogue, heightened social awareness, and positive change. We have performed more than 24,000 shows around the world and produced 370 original songs. Over 1.1 billion people have experienced an Up with People show live or via radio, tv, or streaming media, including 4 Super Bowl Half-Time Shows and 7 World Expos.

No matter how you experience Up with People, our music will move you to a new level of hope for the future and inspire you to find ways to join us in making the world a better place.

With a spark of truth, and the power of youth
Every movement started with somebody saying, ‘Take a stand!"

Lyrics from "It Begins with Us", from Up with People  Live on Tour.