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With Everything Changing

There stood an old man,
Tears filling his eyes.
They were tearing the courthouse down
And he was saying good-bye.

With ev’rything changing,
Does anything stay the same —
A hope you can cling to,
Someone who needs you,
A love that can lead you everyday?

There goes a young man,
He’s walking alone,
No place to look back to,
He’s gotta go on.


For ev’ry ending is just a beginning you know,
And good-bye is just hello, don’t you know.

Go, talk to the old man,
Help him understand.
Walk by the young man’s side,
And lend him a hand.


Where The Roads Come Together

None of us is born the same
We don’t know why; it’s the way we came.
Every heart beats a little differently
Each soul is free to find its way
Like a river that winds its way to the sea.

For life is a journey
And there are many roads beneath the sky
And there are many good people
Who don’t see eye to eye

Not every man can sing your tune;
From where he stands there’s another view
With every turn we’re learnin’ more
And perhaps we’ll find
That the walls we build are only in the mind.

There are many roads to go
And they go by many names.
They don’t all go the same way
But they get there all the same
And I have a feelin’ that we’ll meet some day
Where the roads come together up the way.

We’ll Be There

There’s a place they call tomorrow,
somewhere in the reaches of our minds.
To find the road to get there isn’t easy,
there’s so many different signs.
But we’ve got our hopes and we’ve got our memories,
And a feeling that tomorrow will be made of these.

We’ll be there, we’ll be singin’ one more song.
We’ll be there, even though the road is long.
We’ll be there, and the feelin’s growin’ stronger.
When tomorrow comes, together, we’ll be there.

Tomorrow is the rain that falls,
The forest and the dolphins in the sea.
And the kid next door, only four, who tells you
what she wants to be.
It’s the ones who are going hungry, the people left behind,
Who almost gave up dreamin’ of a better time.


And when we make it, let me say,
The thing that i would really like to do
When the band begins to play:
I want to have the first dance with you.


We Are Many, We Are One

We live on the Amazon, live on the Nile,
The Baltic shore and Pacific isle,
We built the Parthenon and Chinese Wall,
Seen armies conquer and empires fall.

We fought for our dignity, fought for our place,
There’s a different story in every face.
The book isn’t finished, it’s only begun,
And it’s starting to dawn like the morning sun.

We are many, we are one,
Brothers and sisters wherever you’re from.
We all dance to a different drum.
We are many, but we are one.

We talk of the children, we talk of the rain,
Of wages and prices, and who won the game.
We’re rushing together like never before.
We were worlds apart, now were living next door.

We are many, we are one … etc.

Someday, somewhere, we’ll discover
That we’ll have to take care of each other.

We are many, we are one … etc.

Walk On Through

As I open the door the morning light shines brightly,
The sun slowly melts the sparkling dew.
Takin’ the best of the days gone by,
Me, I won’t look back but walk on through.
No, I won’t look back until I’m through.

I’ll talk to people I’ve never known before
We’ll travel countryside on distant shore
Plantin’ a spirit that you can’t ignore
I’ll give all I have and more

As I travel this road I know it won’t be easy
The way may be long and wearisome
But I’ll work dawn til dusk, give my days completely
And never turn back until I’m done
No, I won’t turn back until I’m done

I’ll talk to people … etc.

I see people like me who are movin’ mountains
And doin’ things they thought they coudn’t do
Simply because they just keep on rollin’
And never give up until they’re through
No, I’ll never give up until I’m through.

I’ll talk to people … etc.

As I open the door… etc.

Up With People!

It happened just this morning, I was walking down the street,
The milkman and the postman and policeman I did meet.
There in ev’ry window and ev’ry single door,
I recognized people I’d never noticed before.

Up! Up with people!
You meet ‘em wherever you go,
Up! Up with People!
They’re the best kind of folks we know.
If more people were for people,
All people ev’rywhere,
There’d be a lot less people to worry about,
And a lot more people who care.

People from the south-land and people from the north,
Like a mighty army, I saw them coming forth.
‘Twas a great reunion, befitting of a king!
Then I realized people were more important than things.

Up! Up with people!… etc.

Unfinished World

When I think of all we’ve got
All the beauty that surrounds us
Like the magic of a sunset
And the children playing around us
What lovely lovely lovely place to be.
But like the day turns into night
There’s the other side of sunrise
Where people live in cardboard houses
And you can’t help but realize
There’s still so much to do
So far to go.

It’s an unfinished world
And it’s still in the making.
It’ll take all we can give
‘cause together we all live
In an unfinished world.

I just can’t see why there can’t be
More heart to heart between the nations.
Oh but we might get closer and closer
With every generation
Take it just a little further
You and me.

It’s an unfinished world … etc.

The book’s still being written
It’s happening all the time.
Everybody’s got a chapter
Everybody writes a line.
Well we’ve got unfinished business
An unfinished symphony.
Some people got the words
Some got the melody.Sha-la-la … etc.

Unfinished symphony –
(unfinished symphony)
Take it just a little further.
(everybody in the world is needed)
Unfinished symphony –
(got so much so much to do)
Take it just a little further
(let’s take it further me and you.)
It’s an unfinished world … etc.

There’s Gonna Be Another Day

Somewhere in the world a child is born
He starts to cry and he’s on his way.
Someone holds his tiny little form
And is heard to say, is heard to say:

There’s gonna be another day
And it’s not so far away.
There’s gonna be another spring,
There’ll always be another song to sing.
We’re gonna see,
There’s gonna be another day.

When we come to a river that’s too wide,
We’ll build a bridge to the other shore.
When we come to a wall that’s too high
We’ll build a door, yeah, we’ll build a door.

There’s gonna be another day … etc.

Somewhere in the world a child is born
There’s gonna be another day.

The Further We Reach Out

I had a thought while they walked in the moondust
In one moment I saw,
Like warm air rising or apples falling,
Must be a natural law

The further we reach out, the closer we become (2X)

Each time we reach out beyond our knowing
Each time that we overcome
Or breach the limits of our love
We leave dreams for our little ones

The further we reach out, the closer we become (2X)

Someone Else’s Eyes

If I was lookin’ through your eyes,
I wonder what I’d see.
Would I see your good and your bad?
Would I taste the sweet and the sad?
And would I understand you better
If I could see what you see?

If you were lookin’ through my eyes,
I wonder how you’d feel.
Would you ever be afraid
And hide behind the walls that I’ve made?
Would you understand it better
If you could see the things I see?

‘Cause there’s magic in the moment
When someone understands somebody else.
Let’s sit right down and talk about it,
Wearin’ no disguise,
‘Cause everything looks different
Sharin’ someone else’s eyes.

If we could look out on this world,
Together feel it turn,
Seein’ it your way and mine,
It only costs a little time,
Maybe we’d understand it better
Sharin’ someone else’s eyes.


If I was lookin’ through your eyes,
I wonder what I’d see.